on Bloor

Established 1980
Calling Bloor West Village home since 1988


Say Tea is an independent specialty tea shop that has been owned and operated by tea lovers since its inception. It is a rare (or busy!) day when the owner and staff are found without a cup of tea on the go — or at least one ready to be brewed! We drink tea first and foremost for the pleasure of it: the tastes, the warmth, the memories, and everything that can be conjured up from the simple act of brewing a cuppa.

As with many tea drinkers, we fill our days with varied tea experiences — moving from traditional single estate teas to special blends, and spicing it up with quality flavour blends when the mood fits. The experience of tea is what you choose to make of it. From a simple cup to a complex traditional presentation, tea can find a way into your lifestyle.

The Stringent Rules of Tea Preparation

Our current semipermanent tea collection numbers over 200 choices. On top of this we have shipments that arrive regularly – you never know what new temptations will be on offer!

Our love for all things tea includes an unrelenting fascination for all of the wonderful accessories that exist in the world of tea. We always strive for an eclectic collection of teapots, presses, mugs, cozies, infusers, and accessories — from utilitarian traditional choices through to more adventuresome and whimsical items. Tea is, after all, about pleasing all the senses!

See some of the accessories we offer!

Whether you're looking for that special something to satisfy your own needs, or a gift for that special someone, we will always do our best to find new sources and styles to entice you!