Premium Roast Coffee

Say Tea's collection of premium roast coffees includes over 30 examples from many of the major coffee growing regions of the world.

Some of our more popular coffees include:

Organic Coffees

Sierra Verde Project (Medium Roast)
Espresso (Medium Dark Roast)
Village Roast (Medium Dark Roast)
French Colombia (Very Dark Roast)

Premium Roast Coffees

Colombia Las Hermosas (Medium Roast)
Kenya AA (Medium Roast)
Mocha Java (Medium Roast)
Morning Madness Blend (Medium Dark Blend)
Sumatra Ketambe Dark (Dark Roast)
Continental Dark (Very Dark Roast)
Mocha French (Very Dark Roast)

Premium Flavoured Coffees

Amaretto Almond (Medium Roast)
Bavarian Chocolate (Medium Roast)
French Caramel (Medium Roast)
French Vanilla (Medium Roast)
German Chocolate Cake (Medium Roast)
Cinnamon Hazelnut (Medium Roast)
Irish Cream (Medium Roast)
Snicker Doodle (Medium Roast)
Vanilla Hazelnut (Medium Roast)

Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffees

Espresso - Brazil Blend (Medium Roast)

Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffees (Flavoured)

Amaretto Almond (Medium Roast)
Bavarian Chocolate (Medium Roast)
Hazelnut (Medium Roast)

Any of our coffees can be purchased starting at $4.00 for 110 grams or you can purchase your favourite coffees by the pound with the price varying from $14.50 to $20.00.

In addition we offer seasonal coffees to round out the year.

[Prices are subject to change due to the volatility of the coffee market. We have attempted to keep our prices down as much as possible unfortunately our supplier prices have been increasing two to four times per year for the last two years.]

We look forward to offering seasonal coffees (and teas to match). Watch for our Christmas blends that will be available in early November.