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Herbal & Fruit Tisanes

Herbal Tisanes
Chai Spice Blend$6.50/55g
Chamomile (Organic)$4.95/25g
Chamomile & Lavender (Organic)$5.95/25g
Chamomile & Lemongrass (Organic)$5.95/25g
Chamomile & Peppermint$4.95/25g
Cherry Olive Leaf$4.95/25g
Dandelion Leaf & Root$4.95/25g
Ginger Lemon$5.50/25g
Ginger Pieces$5.25/55g
Hibiscus (Organic)$5.95/25g
Lavender (Provence)OUT OF STOCK
Lemon Balm$5.95/25g
LemongrassOUT OF STOCK
Lemon Verbena$5.95/25g
Licorice Root Organic$4.95/55g
Mellow Mint$5.95/25g
Nature's BountyOUT OF STOCK
Nettle (Organic)$7.00/50g
Peppermint (Organic)$4.95/25g
Peppermint Licorice Root (Organic)$4.95/55g
Raspberry Leaf$4.95/25g
Rose Petals$5.95/25g
Spearmint Organic$4.95/25g
Sweet Dreams$5.50/55g
Fruit Tisanes
Apple Dumpling$6.50/50g
Black Currant$6.50/50g
Blood OrangeOrange peel, apple pieces, hibiscus, rosehip, and rose petal$6.50/50g
Canadian CranberryApple pieces, rosehip, hibiscus and cranberry$6.50/50g
Chocolate Strawberry$6.50/50g
Organic Cranberry Apple$7.00/50g
Organic Elderberry$7.00/50g
Organic Goji$7.00/50g
Lady Hannah's Berry PatchRaspberry, strawberry, hibiscus, rosehip, apple and orange$6.50/50g
Mango Lemon$6.50/50g
Organic Mango Pineapple$7.00/50g
Raspberry Patch$6.50/50g
Sea Buckthorn Cherry$7.50/50g
Sea Buckthorn Goji$7.00/50g
Sour Cherry$7.00/50g
Spiced Fruit$6.50/50g
Strawberry Coconut$7.50/50g
Strawberry Kiwi$6.50/50g
Organic Strawberry Rhubarb$7.00/50g
Strawberry Superfruit$6.50/50g
Organic Summer Berry$7.00/50g
Organic Sweet Orange$7.00/50g
Turkish AppleOUT OF STOCK
Yerba Mate
Yerba Mate (Organic)$5.50/55g
Discounts are applied when you purchase more than the base quantities of individual teas.

The tea prices are subject to change and the teas mentioned are subject to availability.

Please call before coming in to the shop, especially in relation to seasonal teas and blends.

If you would like to order any of our teas or coffees you have two options:

1) Telephone Ordering

416-766-5425 or toll-free 1-888-663-4832
Our staff is available during store hours to process your order.
Monday through Saturday 10am to 4pm

If you are transferred to the message line please leave your name, phone number and mention placing an order and our staff will contact you when a line is free, if the shop is open, or the next business day if the shop is closed.

2) Email Ordering

Send an email to with the particulars of your order. During business hours we will contact you as soon as possible about product availability and payment method.

Currently we ship anywhere in CANADA through Canada Post. The only charge on top of the order total will be the actual shipping cost. There is no handling charge.

Payments can be made through Visa or Mastercard

Please do not include your complete payment instructions within an order email or phone message. We would prefer confirming charge instructions in a personal call.