In The Shop

Teas and Tisanes

Our shop offers over 185 different teas and tisanes, created with ingredients from around the world, in a collection that is always growing. Many of these are listed in the tea sections of this website.

Our premium loose leaf teas can be purchased by weight, with discounts applied at different weight thresholds. The more you buy of an individual tea, the greater the discount.


Like many of you, we can't resist a good cup of coffee in the morning. To fill this need we offer over 30 premium roast coffees from some of the major coffee regions of the world.

See some of the coffees in stock!

You can sample any of our coffees by purchasing 110 grams for $4.00 - or purchase one pound (455 grams) ground to your particular needs for between $14.50 and $20.00.

If you are looking for that special blend why not create your own? Any of our coffees can be mixed and ground together to your specification for that special touch. Let your imagination run wild!

Accessories in the Shop

The stock at Say Tea on Bloor is always in a state of flux. It is rare that a week goes by that we aren't out on the road ordering new stock, replenishing old stock, ogling the websites of suppliers located too far away to visit, unpacking newly arrived stock and then planning the next week's excursions.

When you love the experience of tea in all its forms, it is hard not to revel in all the accessories available to enjoy it! Whether formal or whimsical, we do our best to have stock on hand to fulfill your needs. Our stock is varied and in some cases in limited supply (suffering through the back-orders with some of our suppliers can be a chore!), but we try to make every visit worth your effort.

Our collection of tea related wares include, in no particular order...

Modern Tea Wares
Emma Bridgewater
Roy Kirkham
Staffordshire China
Traditional Tea Wares
Say Tea carries a wide selection of Asian tea wares including:
porcelain teapots and tea sets
cast iron teapots from China
glass teapots and accessories
Japanese and Chinese traditional tea cups, cups and modern mugs
a wide selection of containers for tea
Branded Teas
Yorkshire Gold Tea
Metropolitan Teas
Something to go with your tea?
Mackays Jams and Preserves

...together with many other treats and seasonal additions for your enjoyment!