Tea Goods & Accessories

Our love for tea doesn't stop at the drinking — the perfect tea break pleases all the senses! Make sure your cup looks as good to you as what you're drinking out of it.

Treat yourself to an extra smile in the morning

The most important thing to us at Say Tea is that you go home with exactly what you're looking for — or maybe something you didn't even know you needed! We keep that in mind every day as we stock and restock a constantly-shifting and updating set of tea goods and accessories from a number of quality, desirable brands from Canadian and international sources.

When the global health situation allowed, we spent countless hours on the road, searching out new stock at trade shows; nowadays, we spend our evenings poring over catalogs and interacting with our brand representatives to get you the freshest styles we can. It's rare that a week goes by without a new shipment!

We want to make sure every visit you make to us at Say Tea is worth your effort, so we stock as wide a variety of tea goods as we can manage. There's something in the store for everyone, from tradtional formal teapots to whimsical tv and movie themed teacups.

We are particularly proud to feature the following brands as part of our collection:

  • Emma Bridgewater

    Emma Bridgewater, operating out of Stoke-on-Trent, manufactures striking, hand-made British pottery. You'll probably recognize her distinctive polka-dot pattern! At Say Tea, we carry a variety of Emma Bridgewater goods, from teapots to teacups, plates to tea towels, in a variety of patterns.

  • Roy Kirkham

    Roy Kirkham, operating out of Staffordshire in England, manufactures quality fine bone china in quirky and quintessentially English patterns. These cups will bring a smile to your face no matter how early your morning starts!

  • Dunoon mugs

    Dunoon, operating out of Staffordshire in England, manufacture quality fine bone china using a traditional slip hand-casting method, decorated with eye-pleasingly bright and bold illustrations.

  • McIntosh mugs

    McIntosh, operating out of Canada, manufactures fine-bone-china teacups and mugs that bring a bit of the art gallery into your home. The high-quality cups and mugs, paired with a high-quality reproduction of art from classical and modern masters, will bring a bit of culture into your tea break.

But wait, there's more!

This probably won't surprise you, but after all that searching, we've really racked up a collection of assorted tea goods for you to check out. There's more than just teacups out there — at Say Tea, we have a little bit of everything: teapots of all kinds, from traditional to funky and modern; classic and novelty infusers for steeping; tea towels; great gift ideas like stuffed animals, chocolates, greeting cards, and collectible mugs based on your favourite movies and tv shows; delicious jams; as well as tea bags from popular brands like Yorkshire Gold and Barry's.

Try browsing through all of that in one visit!

As much as we try, we can't please all the people all the time — but if you can't find what you're looking for in the shop, don't despair! Let us know what you're looking for! We'll see what we can do about special ordering it for you.